Lauren Jauregui Lures a Sensual Change on ‘Lento’

Lauren Jauregui steps into a new musical chapter with her single "Lento."

Lauren Jauregui steps into a new musical chapter with her single “Lento.” The Cuban American singer, who may be recognized from the group Fifth Harmony, has teamed up with two-time GRAMMY®Award winning Tainy for a sultry production. What acts as Jauregui’s first official solo release of the year, “Lento” adverts and prepares listeners for a forthcoming album.

Jauregui’s cut loosely translates one to “go slow” and encompasses a directional lead of self-fulfillment. Navigating the track between two languages, “Lento” is bred from the marriage of pop and Caribbean rhythms, softly brushed with a reggaeton production. The passive and gradual tempo lures nighttime movements, as Jauregui’s deep and vibrant vocals are the conviction the track needs.

Lyrically, the track makes clever use of Spanish and English, playing with pronunciations and mirroring the track’s ethics of taking things slow, and moving from things and people who no longer serve positively (“In-ex-hale one time / Align your breath with mine”). There’s a prominent harmony in tone and words that expands on Jauregui’s ideology of movement for its visual counterpart.

Directed by New York City-based director and photographer Dawit N.M., and shot in Florida, the video isolates Jauregui among a beach of dancers. A darkened tunnel vision follows the artist for an act of intimacy and assertiveness (“I ain’t your daughter, Bitch I was raised by Caribbean water”). A solidarity position asserts Jauregui and seems to allude to a burried awakening. A ritual for change, fittingly for new music and new musical beginnings.

“I had planned to give you this first taste of what’s coming for some time,” says the artist on a social media post. “There was truly no way any of us could have prepared for what is happening right now, so I hope you receive ‘Lento’ with as much grace and love as is intended. I hope dancing to it helps your spirit feel joy, as you spend time with your loved ones and continue to cultivate love in the face of fear and uncertainty.”

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