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Sgmaniak 'Moonlight Feel'

Brooklyn-based artist Sgmaniak returns with the lively alt-rock single "Moonlight Feel."

Sgmaniak (pronounced S. G. Maniak) takes to many genres for his eclectic rinse of emotions. From the indie soul cut “Another Lover,” to the sensual interlude, “Raindrops In The Empire States,” the Brooklyn-based artist colorfully manipulates a very emotive base. Overall, these elements acted as a sonic trait that fed his experimental adoration on the sophomore album Maniak.

On the artist’s latest single “Moonlight Feel,” Sgmaniak leads the indie pop, rock track with a triumphant tone. And yet still “Moonlight Feels” seems to be birthed from a dazed longing, dripping with hope for a lover to meet elsewhere.

It is built upon electronic characteristics of alternative rock, sporting a more lively and funky production. Embedded in the track’s rhythms comes warm grooves, fit for a passionate dance and almost uniformed line of movement.

Sgmaniak thrusts a string of passionate vocals near the end for a spirited blend with the golden hue of brass. It eloquently transitions towards the next stage of heartache and basks on faithful guitar melodies.


For the artist, who self produced and performed “Moonlight Feel” in its entirety (except for drums), the track continues to act as a revelation for the artist. There’s sonic and lyrical maturity that continues to pluck similar ideals from a listener. A feat that is always noted from an artist.

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