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Left Bank Magazine Presents Left Bank Live Festival: 5-Day, 12-Hour Constant Livestream from March 17 – 22, 2020

Left Bank Magazine is joining forces with their expansive global community to help spread positivity and show support to those affected by the global crisis COVID-19. Left Bank Live Festival will be a 12-hour constant livestream from March 17 - 22, 2020 streamed across YouTube, Instagram, and from the Left Bank website.

Brooklyn-based publication, Left Bank Magazine, is set to host a virtual music festival from March 17-22 across Left Bank’s social media platforms to spread positivity during the global crisis COVID-19.

The festival will be a 5-day, 12-hour constant livestream that will feature music, comedy, and poetry readings. It is free to stream, but viewers may Venmo the artists during their set and/or Left Bank.

The festival, which is adding more artists daily, will feature music sets from:

  • Verlon Thompson (Nashville, TN),
  • Ashjesus (NYC)
  • Davis Mallory (Nashville)
  • DJ SAINT THOMAS (Knoxville, TN)
  • Celesta Krishna (NYC)
  • M the Myth (NYC)
  • Goldilocks (NYC)
  • Flangr (Chile)
  • DJ Bailey Leiter (NYC)
  • Hello Lightfoot DJ set (NYC)
  • JW Francis (NYC)
  • Dräger (NYC)
  • TOP Nachos (NYC)
  • Tribe Friday (Sweden)
  • Baby Fuzz (NYC/LA)
  • Preston Lovinggood (Nashville, TN)
  • Slowcoaching (Melbourne)
  • Death Hags (LA)
  • Sarah Gargano (Ohio)
  • Ruby Gill (Melbourne)
  • Alexander Biggs (Melbourne)
  • Kira Metcalf (NYC)
  • Shadow Monster (NYC)
  • Nihiloceros (NYC)
  • Taciturn (DC)
  • Been Stellar (NYC)
  • AN_NA (Montreal)
  • PRIG (Berlin)
  • DJ Sublyme (LA)
  • Hannah Judson (Paris)
  • Razor Braids (NYC)
  • Lenkie (NYC/Johannesburg)
  • Sealife (Seattle)
  • Agop (Paris)
  • DJ Doctor Zoddity (NYC)
  • DJ Father Space Cadet (NYC/London)
  • Elana Low (NYC)
  • Mattie Safer (NYC)
  • Juliet Garrett (London)
  • Ryan Vanderhoof (of Akron/Family)(Ithaca, New York)
  • Myriad Collective (Southampton, UK)
  • GENN (Brighton, UK)
  • Weekender (Philadelphia)
  • Citrus Maxima (Chatham, NY)
  • Lukka (NYC)
  • Haybaby (NYC/Richmond, VA)
  • David Western (Melbourne)
  • Siv Disa (NYC)
  • NTHNL (Brooklyn)
  • Prince Johnny (NYC)
  • Yella Belly (NYC)
  • The Dumes (LA)
  • Rose Colored World (LA)
  • Teenage Afterglow (NYC)
  • Tooth (Western NY)
  • Randall Cruz (NJ)
  • Sally Haze (Chicago)
  • Lyda the Lady (NYC)

Poetry, creative nonfiction essays, and spoken word readings supported by Vittoria Benzine (NYC), Kristyn Potter (NYC), Prophetik Wizdom (St. Louis), Michelle LoBianco (NYC) Daniel Saftler (NYC). Comedian Abby Feldman (NYC);

Live podcast episodes recorded by Look Up Records.

Left Bank have teamed up with Blonde Artist Management, Altafonte US., Diet Cokes and Smokes PR, Blossom Records, Bloodless Management, Artist for Artist Management, Gramophone Media, We Color Live, and more that are set to come.

“Stage” sponsorship and other partnership opportunities are still available, contact for more info.

More information may be found on the publication’s FB event page or on their website.

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