NEBULAE Offer At Home Concert in Light of COVID-19

Italy-based band NEBULA will share their prerecorded concert on March 13 due to the restraining orders imposed by the Italian Government for the coronavirus pandemic.

Italy-based metal band NEBULA have announced today to stream a concert on Facebook, Friday March 13, due to the restraining orders imposed by the Italian Government in the midst of the coronoavirus pandemic.

The band is set to unveil their upcoming album Pulse during the Facebook stream, which will be released on October 18 via Time to Kill Records.


“It’s a very difficult situation for everyone,” said the band in a press release. “You have to be very patient and have the right creativity to make it as easy as possible. When the gradual cancellation of the events started in February, we wanted to do something in advance, to be close to all our fans and give them the chance to attend one of our concerts, so we recorded a live and now we want to stream it. We hope that, despite everything, art and music stay alive and give everyone the right support, waiting for all this to end soon and finally return to normality.”

For the Facebook streaming, the band will consist of Miriam Grantaello (vocals), Eduardo Mazza (guitar), Antonio Mascindaro (bass), and Felipe Boyd (drums), replacing Alfonso Mocerino who is on tour with Temperance.

Monday night, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the “I Stay Home” movement to defensively counter the spread of the COVID-19. The hashtage #IOSTOACASA and #ISTAYHOME have been launched by the Italian Government to raise awareness and to urge the population to respect the temporary rules.

The event will take place on Friday, March 13 at 22.00 on Nebulae’s Facebook page. It also is in partnership with Radio Terronia Rock and Rock ‘n’Roll Radio, who will share the concert on their pages.

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