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Yael Naïm Enchants on ‘She’ Ahead of International Women’s Day

Yael Naïm enchants on her latest single "She" taken from her forthcoming album 'NightSongs' due March 20.

Yael Naïm enchants on her latest single “She” which coincides in time International Women’s Day, celebrated Sunday, March 8. The introspective haunt acts as the third single taken from the artist’s forthcoming album NightSongs, out March 20, and continues to focus on self-discovery.

While previous albums, such as Older and She Was A Boy, were all co-produced with her husband David Donatien, the latest by Naïm sees her in complete control, solely arranging and producing the album. Collectively written during a time that saw the loss of her father and the birth of her second child, NightSongs so far disarms pandering thoughts. An element which is very prominent on “She.”

“I realized I’d never dared create a musical project on my own — completely alone, with my moods, feelings and failings,” said Naïm. “I also had a period of turbulence where everything seemed to shake around me, and I wanted to capture that in the music that I was making.”

The French-Israeli artist pulls from a poetic and operatic thread, one that is tinted in somber shadows, yet contemporary for a pop-centered ear. Naïm etches an ideology of complete freedom on “She” that counters that last brooding single “Shine.” Moments of isolation breathe heavy during the chorus, but is softened with gospel chimes layered in the background.

There’s an internal battle that leads to an evolution by Naïm (“She wants to run from me, so I will set her free”). It doesn’t boast or sulk, but rather internalize a listener’s own changing mind. The track’s keys walk gracefully towards a daydream that wade the waters that come from fearing the unknown. And as there is a shift, the peaceful nature of the track alludes to a greater appreciation for “she” as a person.

As explained on a social media post by Naïm, “She” talks about the moment when a part of yourself changes, ultimately becoming a new entity. “Sometimes you’re too afraid to listen, so ‘she’ decides to leave,” says Naïm.

The journey of self-discovery and self-love is constantly aging with time, and Naïm has adoringly captured these moments.

Tour Dates

March 27: Rennes, France @ Mythos Festival
April 1: London, UK @ Hoxton Hall
April 2: Copenhagen, Denmark @ Brorsons Kirke
April 3: Berlin, Germany @ Silent green
April 4: Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Tuinzaal (Paradiso)
April 15: Paris, FR @ Bouffes du Nord
April 16: Paris, FR @ Bouffes du Nord
April 17: Paris, FR @ Bouffes du Nord
May 9: Brooklyn, NY @ National Sawdust
June 4: Istanbul, @ Zorlu Pac Festival
June 6: Hamburg, GE @ elbjazz Festival

Cover photo: Yael Naïm

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