Replay Sunset’s Eclectic Line-Up Thrives in the Sunshine: Event Recap

Last Sunday's Replay Sunset Party turned a former bullfighting ring in Madrid into a contagious dance floor.

Since its inception in 2012, Replay Sunset Party has become recognized as an alternative event that seeks to promote the music scene of Madrid, while facilitating the access to contemporary culture. Reinventing our understanding of a leisurely afternoon, Replay has been known to bring highly curated line-ups in the past.

With last Sunday’s party taking place in the historical Invarnadero, the former bullfighting ring turned into a contagious dance floor filled with house heaters and techno innovations. With the culturally significant site emitting a sense of magnificence and grandeur, the headlining DJs created an enthralling experience that showcased a number of compelling local and international acts.


Currently one of the most active collectives among the city’s musicscape, Chineurs de Madrid had the honors of kicking off the sun-soaked day. Behind the decks, Kempin, Savino, Frolix, and Sr. Melles were in command. Supported by a strong community base of music lovers they brought their deep house cuts as partygoers flocked to the venue early in the day.

Transitioning the party onto a larger stage, Alvaro Medina shifted the space with a variety of techno numbers. The Madrid-based act brought a refined opening set setting the tone for the rest of the evening. Local DJ Simon Garcia had the honors of closing out the night following Ame’s captivating live set, opting the crowd for a variety of throbbing extended numbers.

Palms Trax


Not one to restrict himself to genre, Palm Trax brought a melodic hour with effortless transitions. Opting for a base of techno tracks, the Berlin-based DJ also complimented his clean-cut sound with a generous dose of energetic house. Palms Trax kept a spontaneous approach throughout his set, as he didn’t linger in one track for too long. The sonic variety among his performance could be felt among partygoers, as he eased the crowd into the sunset engaging them with playful 80s instrumentals and invigorating grooves.



The most highly anticipated artist of REPLAY, Âme brought an equally dynamic and rhythmic performance that unraveled into a seamlessly executed live set. As Frank Wiedemann positioned himself among a variety of synthesizers and launch pads, the second half of duo Âme opted for a consistent bass that interpreted the varied movements on the dancefloor. Layered among rich melodic tones and glitching transparencies, Wiedemann captivated listeners for an hour and a half of constructed tech-heavy ambience. Weaving in and out of tracks, Âme approached each song with an intuitive understanding of the set’s structure. A powerful declaration of unbridled curiosity and electronic expression, Âme’s set was one of inimitable vision.

Luckily we don’t have to wait too long until another edition of Replay. The party joins a roster of creatives in the upcoming Mulafest in Madrid this April 17-19. You can purchase entries here and keep up with Replay below.

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