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Nnena ‘Work It Out’

Nnena needs to be on your watch list as of now.

Nnena needs to be on your watch list as of now. The rising rapper and artist is intoxicating in every way and delivers bars in the most calm and collected fashion. Mostly centering her craft on story telling to empower women — whether taken from her own life or from the obvious sonic inspiration heard to the likes of the great Missy Elliott and Queen Latifah — Nnena shares yet another aspect to her multifaceted range on her single and video “Work It Out,” via Loud Robot.

Produced by Dave Hamelin, “Work It Out” builds instantly from a slew of drums. The choral chants and natural lively pulse of the track is enough momentum for Nnena to dress up or down. In addition of the insanely catchy and triumphant hook (we can work it out / we a vibe, I like your style), what takes this track to its heights are all due to Nnena’s delivery.

The artist maneuvers each switch-up and tempo change flawlessly. Nnena is able to convey assertiveness with an unaltered aurora, fun without losing her focus, and cast worries aside with sharp bars rooted from a fresh wit.

On the video, directed by Rosco Guerrero of Blurred Pictures, “Work It Out” sees Nnena absorbing those carefree vibes felt on the production. Pushed through a vintage filter at times, reminiscent of a VHS tape, Nnena treks through the Venice Beach boardwalk to flaunt her assets (shooting hoops, dancing with roller girls).  It’s boastful and playful — just like Nnena.

Photo: Yana Yatsuk

“‘Work It Out’ is a fun song to take your mind off the bullshit. I’m just a sick little bitch and dick is just floating around in my head. I’m goin’ out with my girls, dancing around the town and there’s a stupid guy around. Don’t want to give up the dick—dick is pretty controlling,” Nnena says of the track.

Following-up “Lovesick” and “Not the Thumb,” there’s just so much to love and admire from the artist. Nenna is currently working on more music to be released imminently via Loud Robot, and she is also working in writing sessions for artists including Beyonce, Rihanna and Normani.

Cover photo: Yana Yatsuk

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