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Bif Naked Battles for Truth on ‘Jim’

Canadian rock icon Bif Naked returns with a new single and video that battles for the truth.

A universal thread between all humans seems to be a degree of pain. We all know a Jim. At times, we’ve been a Jim. And on the more optimistic side of this pain, we’ve seen the strength ironically that Jim has taught.

On the latest single and video from Canadian rock icon Bif Naked, the artist delivers an aggressive, yet memorable ear-worm entailing the villain that is “Jim.” What comes as the first single to be released from the artist’s forthcoming album, CHAMPION, via Her Royal Majesty’s Records, Bif combats a perfect personification of manipulation. As the track bluntly addresses the situation of pain, the video doesn’t sulk, rather fights for a deserved truth.

Misleading synths fade the track in for Bif’s wounded rasp: “You never loved me, Jim / You made a fool of me again, and again.” Doug Fury’s direction slowly pans the aftermath of confrontation that now lives in a quiet room. Frozen in time, possibly relating to shock by Bif, the movements of the video mirrors the track’s rising tempo.

In between isolated performance shots a story is slowly coming to life and stylistically, the video unravels in a realistic fashion for a viewer. By reversing the actions, several points cling instantly: one coming from lack of information, replaying for an answer, and another of being the last to know. It’s a powerful notion that consumes the four minutes and works well with the aggressive nature of the track.  “Jim” explodes not only with frustration but with a fury of guitar notes battling to be heard, heavy drum cracks, and a howling cry embedded in the hook.

“With the video we really wanted to have a triumph over the pain, and take our power back,” shares Bif. “The running theme in the video, and the song lyrics, is about finding victory over heartache…. It’s a story being told that eventually reveals the truth. Like the truth being revealed that someone’s ‘Jim’ is really their ‘Judas’ all along.”

Then again, none of this is a surprise considering the accolades which Bif holds. Naturally being a storyteller and never being shy about details of her life — considering she is also a writer, activist, and decorated cancer survivor — “Jim” is yet another extension and preview of what is to come.

Be sure to catch Bif Naked on Tour:

Feb 28 / Ridgeway ON, Sanctuary (Songs & Stories Tour – Acoustic)
Feb 29 / London, ON, Aeolian Hall (Songs & Stories Tour – Acoustic)
Mar 02 / Waterloo, ON, Maxwells (Songs & Stories Tour – Acoustic)
Mar 03 / Collingwood, ON, Crow Bar & Variety (Songs & Stories Tour – Acoustic)
Mar 04 / Peterborough, ON, Market Hall (Songs & Stories Tour – Acoustic)
Mar 05 / Napanee, ON, Doghouse (Songs & Stories Tour – Acoustic)
Mar 06 & 07 / Burnstown, ON, Neat (Songs & Stories Tour – Acoustic)
Jul 25 / Brantford ON, Lions Park, WTFest (with Sugar Ray, Uncle Cracker)

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