Vega HeartBreak & M.C ‘MONDAY’ ft. Young Marlee Mar

Vega HeartBreak & M.C document loss, grief, but more importantly life, on their latest video "MONDAY."

Vega HeartBreak & M.C have a lengthy resume of crafting music for artists such as Jeezy, Akon, Yo Gotti, Kanye West and Drake, to name a few, but as a duo there’s an obvious chemical reaction between production and bars that is just kismet.

On their latest video “MONDAY” ft. Young Marlee Mar, the duo tend to a sensitive wound of loss. What was originally written for his late mother, M.C delicately documents grief for a cathartic release, but more importantly as a celebration of life.

“This has been heavy on my heart, so it was nothing that I had to prepare for, once I heard the music, meaning the beat, the words just poured out of me,” shares M.C in a press release. “The hardest part was actually recording the record. Putting the words together, yes, I had some rough moments emotionally but actually verbalizing them was extremely tough. I lost it a few times in the recording process where I couldn’t control my emotions. ‘Monday’ provided some therapy.”

“MONDAY” alone is beautiful, to say the least. The track opens with poetic keys which dance eloquently yet are still so pensive. M.C treads carefully on the isolated instrumentation before samples and a mild hi-hat begin their march. Each verse is self explanatory as M.C doesn’t need much flare to get his message across. The artist bitter-sweetly raps and delivers his open letter with a certain amount of hope. In between the past and present, M.C raises the most human sentiments from grief as he constantly questions his own beliefs (“then I went from low faith, to no faith”), becoming stuck in what a Monday constantly feels like.

The track’s hook softens each line for the warm embrace which Craig Thomas’ direction delivers. The visual counterpart shuffles through memories, weaving permanent flashbacks with the present. Vega’s angelic presence comes as a reassuring message through the turmoil. Ultimately, in the end there’s a tinge of relief seen with support and love from loved ones.

What was initially released privately among friends and families, “MONDAY” now makes its way to the public to not only tell a story of a woman who left an incredible impact on her son, but to provide reassurance to others who are experiencing a loss.

“I view my mom as a legend, she’s solidified but I wanted to honor her in a way that brought comfort to others that are dealing with the loss of a loved one. It’s OK to hurt.”

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