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Deezer Turns Playlist Brands into Concert Series

The streaming platform Deezer hops on the live train with its LIVE concert series -- turning notable playlist brands into invitation-only shows

Deezer is keeping their playlists alive upon announcement of its LIVE concert series. The France-born platform is turning its notable playlist brands, such as Rocket, Popstar, and Certified, into live and invitation-only shows throughout the world. The event will also be recorded for Deezer Sessions as “exclusives for the streaming service” which pulls in a demand for the platform.

According to Music Business Worldwide, Deezer’s music editors have “hand-picked” artists to perform during these intimate shows. What follows other music streaming platform giants, such as Spotify and Apple’s live stints, Deezer’s familiar path proves a distinct magic that is only accessible at live show regardless of listeners’ music habits.

While this is genuinely a great way to discover and support your favorite artists, the capitalization on the act of going to a show shifts listeners and artists in a familiar circle of cliques. In the end, the magic is minced so finely the flavor is gone.

Cover photo: Aleksandar Pasaric  (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) Pexels

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