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Raquel Lily Crafts a Classic R&B Sound on Insightful Single ‘I’m Leaving’

Raquel Lily's "I'm Leaving" is a soulful classic nod that speaks on a timeless strength of walking away.

Raquel Lily comes as an artist with infinite talents. Born in the Philippines, raised in New York and currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Lily is typically known through the live streaming platform, Twitch. However, the independent musician and producer’s background originally emerged from the medical field. Holding a degree in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior upon graduating UC Davis, Lily left to feed her creative endeavors and began online streaming in 2017.

A story like this is full of motivation. One that will plant the “what if” seeds in all of our heads. And no surprise, this energy carries onto the artist’s latest single, “I’m Leaving.” Taken from her upcoming debut of the same name, the 8-track conceptual album’s aim is to narrate a “coming of age story” of someone navigating their 20’s. Truth be told, heartache doesn’t discriminate between time and will only show its age in how one handles the situation. “I’m Leaving” seems to cross between the early stages of an epiphany: young enough to feel the first taste of true pain, but old enough to gather wisdom.

While the production takes notes from the late ’80s to early ’90s R&B, the timeless nature of walking away from a harmful, and at times addicting, relationship/situation is a very sympathetic theme. It skids across with bitter-sweet lines and an assertive tone, slowly burning with a well lit yearn. The sonic atmosphere stays in its lane of classic R&B but offers chimes of jazz, funky grooves, and era based synths which are equally drenched in soul and electronics.

“Everyone’s been broken from something,” shares the artist in a press release. “You smoke some weed, you fall in love, they turn out to be a fuckboy, you’re with someone shitty, you break up, you ghost them, you still love them, you resign, you meet someone new and there’s hope again.”

With a clear direction, gripping tone, and debut on the way, Lily’s voice is of an artist you can’t wait to see what is next. Be sure to catch Raquel Lily live March 12, at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta, GA.


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