Aerial Salad Share ‘Romance?’ Ahead of ‘Dirt Mall’ LP and U.K. Tour

Manchester punks share lead single off forthcoming LP, 'Dirt Mall' due March 27.

Manchester punks, Aerial Salad, are the indifferent voices in our heads that are trying to figure out life and burst with vitality because they simply can. From snags throughout their D.I.Y. rise to the arrival of their 9-track LP, Dirt Mall due March 27 via Roach Industries/Plasterer, the trio’s rough yet organic approach have made them a vital aspect within the U.K. punk scene. On their album’s lead single “Romance?“, Jamie Munro (guitar/vocals), Mike Wimbleton (bass/vocals), and Matty Mills (drums) balance the melodic pop tapeworms with a punk poise for a blistering attempt at affection.

Gravely vocals tighten at the track’s upfront lines, “which way d’yer wanna go / and do you wanna, go with me,” and build quite easily with distorted power chords. Munro’s vocals continue to cut against reality’s gritty teeth — one of someone who isn’t available but obviously shows interest (“and I see right through / so darlin tell me / who you’re tryna fool”). High throttled vocal chants skew the loving approach to an aggressive outlook which are solidified by meaty drum fills for a gracious moment of relief.

As for the video, shot by friend Kieron Jordan, it’s as lost as the subject at hand yet works so well. With no real intent, the band focuses on washing a car with sensual moves, almost as a video submission response to a personal ad. Comically strewn together with the signature recipe of water and a white tee, we follow Aerial Salad ready themselves for a night of romance. And despite any stoic moments, the video does show a lighter side. Cue to the failed outfit changes (noting that Barcelona jersey that does very well sting after that Athletic Bilbao match) and nervous ticks, the ensemble trek through the pits of life with a charming approach.

Catch Aerial Salad live on tour in the UK this April with Californian punks Decent Criminal at the following dates:

10th       Bristol, Exchange
11th       London, New Cross Inn
12th       Brighton, Cowley Club
21st       Canterbury, Lady Luck
22nd      Stafford, Redrum
23rd       Blackpool, The Waterloo
24th       Manchester, Punk Festival

‘Dirt Mall’ track-listing:

1    Virtue
2    Romance?
3    Fever Dream
4    Temp
5    Such a Pity
6    State O’Yer
7    Dirt Mall
8    Lazy
9    Stressed

Pre-order ‘Dirt Mall’ here:


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