Sy Smith ‘Camelot’

Endless day dreams meet nighttime fantasies on Sy Smith's latest video for her track "Camelot" taken off her LP, Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete.

Endless day dreams meet nighttime fantasies on Sy Smith’s latest video for her track “Camelot” taken off her LP, Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete. The artist re-imagines the fictitious escape of Camelot and the allure in waiting for a lover in a kingdom of England, to now the spacious beauty of East Africa, specifically Tanzania. Smith’s cultivation is a silky, neo-soul dream which relies on vivid dimensions both in sight and sound.

While the track alone speaks on a fabrication of love that has manifested into real feelings, the video shifts the object of desire from a person to a place. Directed by Shawn Carter Peterson and shot on an iPhone 10, the video’s simple serenity found throughout East Africa is one of personal liberation.

“The inspiration of this video was two-fold – 1) To have my love interest actually be a place instead of a person,” shares Smith. “In this case, the love interest is this beautiful region of the earth called Tanzania. 2) To relocate the idea of Camelot from what is normally considered (a medieval castle-like fortress associated with a legendary King Arthur somewhere in old Great Britain) to a REAL place, in this case – these majestic regions of Tanzania.”

Sy Smith (Courtesy of artist)

Opening on the island of Zanzibar, Smith takes a viewer on a safari throughout the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire National Park. There’s an intimate understanding as we see Smith isolated throughout each shot. Regardless of the easy going nature of the track, there’s so much depth to the overall production that adds life to the visual counterpart.

Bass and guitar lines move across the four minutes like lovers on a dance floor with Smith’s vocals radiating the path. Classical strings polish the fantasy of “Camelot,” thrusting towards contemporary crunches and an explosive ending. What began as a whimsical fantasy now becomes a realistic, new-found freedom, reiterating what you may be looking for is right in front of your eyes.

Sy Smith is currently traveling the country on her national The Camelot Promotional Tour in support of her latest single release. With stops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and remaining shows with Grammy-winning trumpet player Chris Botti — which include stops in Japan — tickets may be purchased here.

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