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LOVER Returns with Enthralling ‘Waiting Up’ Featuring Sydney Rap-Duo Cult Shotta

Emerging Sydney artist LOVER returns with a mesmerizing new single "Waiting Up" in anticipation of his debut EP.

Emerging Sydney artist LOVER returns with a mesmerizing new single “Waiting Up” in anticipation of his debut EP. The single unravels into a series of light tones, abstract ideas, and consistent ambience making for a dreamlike production. Recalling artists like Joji and Brockhampton, LOVER interprets his compositions with intuitive songwriting.

Combining the edgy melodies of Sydney rappers Cult Shotta, ‘Waiting Up’ combines a variety of elements to create a sweeping track that finds clarity in it’s complex arrangements. As the artist shares on the creative process,

“I was actually in the process of moving house the night he sent through the beat, and so everything around me, furniture and all, was either packed up or already gone and the house gave off a really eerie, lonely kinda vibe. I started singing the ‘Waiting Up’ hook in the first or second run through; in my mind I was picturing someone in an empty house, just staying there waiting for things to go back to the way they were, but regardless of the fact, a move / change was inevitable.”

As LOVER continues to create an intuitive sound, his curiosity leads him to draw inspiration from everyday themes. From the inevitable phases of change to the melancholic atmospheres that accompany the unknown, LOVER perfectly captures brilliance in the most ordinary moments.

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