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Sandmoon Tackles Grief with Poignant Visual, ‘Angels’

Lebanon-based indie band Sandmoon tackle grief on their raw and poignant visual, "Angels."

Grief takes many forms, but follows the same blueprint towards acceptance. On Sandmoon’s latest video, “Angels,” the band explores these forms while depicting peace being only found in “absolute” and unconditional love. The Lebanon-based indie band led by Sandra Arslanian (vocals, synth) alongside Sam Wehbi (guitar), Georgy Flouty (bass), and Dani Shukri (drums), manipulate sounds, distortions, and ethereal vocals for a direct mirroring of mourning. What comes as the second single off their forthcoming album, Put a Gun/Commotion due for release this spring, “Angels” breathes a celestial philosophy in being human.

Shot in Beirut and directed by Tracy Karam, the video tells a somber story. Following the motions of a young boy, played by Daniel Abou Shakra, who is grieving over the loss of his mother, we see life after her death through his actions. There’s shock, numbness, and an isolation that eats at his current state of living. The video features many flashbacks of his mother laced within the present moment followed by intense views of unreleased frustration. Karam’s direction carries these sentiments with grace, tenderly walking with Sandmoon’s sonic translation. Abou Shakra delivers a full range of grief, naturally illustrating a silenced pain.

“It’s an emotional video about mourning and absolute love,” shares Karam. “…The pain forces him to face reality, in all its harshness and brutality. Yet in the midst of the chaos, there are moments of love, sparks of light that help him move on and replenish the emptiness.”

And while there is the inevitable loss that we all will face, the track itself is a poignant reminder of what truly remains: love. It’s soft and potent with its messaging, skidding alongside tight drums and an electronic back bone. Layered vocals by Arslanian guide those grieving, almost as an undisclosed being. Yet, “Angeles” doesn’t get lost in its synths or dreamy nature. Pockets of scuzzed guitars demand attention and release controlled rage. It becomes a necessary balance to the track, once again reiterating its messaging to life.

“‘Angels’ is about absoluteness. It’s listening to your higher self, your angels, and fully living your life, with absolute love. For love is the only true thing that remains when everything else disappears,” comments Arslanian.

Sandmoon via Facebook (Sandra Fayad)

“Angels” is released digitally on all streaming platforms and is the second single taken from Sandmoon’s forthcoming album Put a Gun/Commotion set to be released Spring 2020.

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