Madame Gandhi Values Consistency in Love on ‘See Me Thru’

Madame Gandhi's art and sound continues to be a constant dedication to stories left unwritten.

Madame Gandhi’s art and sound continues to be a constant dedication to stories left unwritten. On the latest video and track “See Me Thru,” Gandhi explores a variety of different concepts, pulsated to the slick-kick groove led by Gandhi’s translucent drum kit. Shot with each sentiment in mind, reflected by the streamlined pearl-white attire and palette, “See Me Thru” dives into love’s entirety when given a little more time.

To intertwine the shift in perspective when time is given, the video features and is directed by real-life married couple Dejha Ti and Ania Catherine. The natural love between the two women showcase the ultimate heaven found by loving beyond a surface level, as well as breaking the presentation of women in love. “In the media we often see an overly sexualized portrayal of two women in love with the intention of catering to male fantasy rather than telling a true story,” states Gandhi on Instagram. “To be able to own our own narrative is so deeply important to me and to folks who share my similar experiences and want their stories told too!”

Beyond the barefaced concept comes the reflective and iridescent production, swimming to the mutable and sincere vocals of Gandhi. Lyrics run to Ti and Catherine’s movements, focusing on the everyday tender caress and glare: “I said come and live with me, I get so inspired by you / Come share your complexity, and come and see me through.” Gandhi’s drumming skews the vision, expanding on a futuristic soundscape and R&B core. It’s fresh and touches the mind with each shot, almost implementing the wonders that come with absolute love. And while each has their own definition of what is love, Gandhi’s universal tone to explore time with another breathes from wisdom and towards endless possibilities.

Gandhi explains, “‘See Me Thru’ is about seeing a relationship through. We are in a generation where we are bombarded with choice and with new ideas at an unprecedented rate! As a result, we move through ideas, jobs and people so quickly. This song is about valuing consistency – about seeing consistency as today’s new social currency. If the last decade was about spontaneity, I believe this decade will be about following up and doing what we say we’ll do.”

“See Me Thru” (Courtesy of YouTube, Djeneba Aduayom, Satsuki Mitchell, stills photography)

Part of Gandhi’s exploration of femininity includes partnering with fashion brand Perfect Number whose stated aim is to reexamine and subvert traditional gender roles and feminine dress codes. In the video, Madame Gandhi, Dejha, and Ania are all seen wearing Perfect Number pieces, reinforcing the theme of redefining femininity.

In addition to releasing “See Me Thru,” Madame Gandhi is currently touring with morning dance party Daybreaker as the drummer for Oprah Winfrey’s 2020 Vision Tour. Gandhi is also a voting member of the Recording Academy and will be DJing the Grammy Museum Brunch on the eve of the 2020 Grammys.

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