The Paramount Holds Night for Cosmica Artists + DJ José Galván’s New Home for ‘Chido / Chevere / Cool’

The Paramount is now home to DJ José Galván's 'Chido / Chevere / Cool' and a showcase at the end of the month for Cosmica Artists.

Cosmica Artists — the record and artist management entity that has been showcasing artists on both sides of the “cultural border” — have teamed up with The Paramount to present a night of dreamy sounds at the end of the month. What comes as no surprise due to the Los Angeles dwelling becoming the new home of DJ José Galván’s Chido / Chevere / Cool, is now seen as a more popularized stomping ground for Latin and Latinx showcases.

DJ José Galván Chido / Chevere / Cool will toast their new home on Thursday, January 23 and features a very exciting line-up. É Arenas (of Chicano Batman), Rudy De Anda, Sister Mantos, and DJ Junf will be blessing the stage with the electic mix of cumbia, surf-pop, and a whole lot of soul. Advance ticket purchases start at $12 and will be $15 at the door; 21+. Tickets may be found here.


Cosmica’s night will feature Vanessa Zamora, Loyal Lobos, Estereomance, and DJ José Galván at The Paramount on January 31 at 8 p.m. There’s a great mix of indie-bedroom pop and slight psychedelic influences that all in all will be for a great night out. Advance ticket purchases start at $10 and will be $15 at the door; 21+ Tickets may be found here.


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