Asha Gold Flaunts Her Worth on ‘Too Good’ Visual

Asha Gold follows-up her confident R&B, electronic track with a hazy visual.

If you don’t believe in yourself, then who will? Understanding that there are no obligations to external motivators, West London’s Asha Gold confidently walks the road less traveled and regains her independence on her debut “Too Good.” While the electronic-pop and R&B fused single grappled attention for Gold’s decision to pursue music despite no support, the artist follows up her debut with a liberating visual to complement the worth of her decision.

What is a collaboration between AIME Magazine and NJB Films Production (Nick Bailey), “Too Good” is yet another introduction to the artist, her sound, and aged direction. Originally penned after a “heated debate” — which Gold wrapped up in about 10 minutes on the piano — transmuted to a firm line in the sand. Gold’s vocals are thick, and shimmer with the heart of seasoned artist. They add the R&B embellishments to an electronic-pop structure, maneuvering the best of both contemporary worlds.

There’s an abundant amount of silk to the easy going tempo but all focus is on Asha Gold’s waterfall hooks. It’s young in time and still can be circulated as an empowering anthem for anyone who still seeks their coming-to-age moment. The visuals slightly shift the message with Gold going through the motions solo. Nothing less than bliss is presented through the hazy and pastel pallet, flaunting her own worth with no hate left behind.

“I wanted the visuals for ‘Too Good’ to project the positive message of the song, and express who I am in an authentic but engaging way,” explains Gold on the video. “We aimed to capture a balance of fun and youthful shots, to reflect the confidence and vulnerability in the song.”

Asha Gold is a young artist who pulls from a myriad of musical influences but naturally crafts what is felt — a trait that will help the songwriter as the years come.


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