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Ami Cheon ‘Good Good’

Ami Cheon crafts a nostalgic fantasy on her latest track "Good Good."

With stints throughout Canada, Ami Cheon has nurtured her vocal warmth with ease throughout the R&B and soul spectrum. On her latest track “Good Good,” the artist crafts a nostalgic fantasy that dives further into the psyche of the artist’s natural, emotive invocation. Co-written by Ariel Posen and Cheon, “Good Good” is a song that immediately grabs the attention of a listener. It doesn’t angrily demand time, nor passively persuade, but sits in the middle of a realistic want carved from a whimsical notion.

“‘Good Good’ is about wanting to get back to the place where love flourishes, when things have been circling the drain for some time,” shares Cheon. “I want you to feel like your relationship (or life, even) can still have a chance to exist in that better place as you listen… And if you believe that and feel it strongly enough, maybe it can be true.”

The fact that the track is built so simply, and even plays around words to the likes of an innocent child, calls to praise the peace of mind that is found on a sonic level. One where raw chunks of bliss were scribbled immediately at the end of Posen’s chord progression by Cheon. The song reads in a cool tone but retains warm elements to swaddle wandering thoughts of being in a choppy relationship.

The tempo caresses with an even, smooth hand and works beautifully with the R&B production. Cheon’s sultry tone is pulled in closer for a jubilant type of intimacy. The artist’s vocals shine on the track as they dance when needed and fall through tight runs. When all is said and done though, “Good Good” manages to rejoice in something you might’ve thought was lost.


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