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Yasmin Nur ‘Voodoo Doll’

Yasmin Nur breaks her own mold with an alt-metal and rock soundscape.

Wichita based artist, Yasmin Nur, carries a certain tinge of anger that doesn’t come off as an adolescent rant, but almost as a reminder of where the artist stands. Nur’s collection, which spans about three years, is filled with these hot colored jolts, with “Mother” and “Bad Tattoo” rounding as past personal favorites. Continuing Nur’s firm disposition comes the artist’s latest track “Voodoo Doll.”

And not to be on one of those writers who instantly describes an entirety of sounds with one era and uses that era as in fact a genre, but without much pondering it’s easy to hear how saturated that track is with grunge and alt-metal inspiration that is cherished in its most loved home of the ’90s.

Assisted by Carson Danks on bass and J.J. Mansolf on drums, “Voodoo Doll” utilizes its sharp transitions and heavy distortions for a fuller sonic pulse. Nur’s vocals drip with a devil may care philosophy, prodding the filled chords with blunt lines (“oh you hate me now, but I love you so”). Entertaining the idea of giving control to another, “Voodoo Doll” scoffs and puts into perspective of who really maintains the power.

Tipping over the 3-minute mark, Nur transmutes her own wants onto an aggressive soundscape. “I love writing rock music because it makes me feel like a badass and empowered woman and I want other people to listen to my music and feel the same way,” comments Nur.


Breaking any repetition, the trio bursts onto the track’s bridge, softening through switch-ups at times, but always maintaining an expansive alt-metal edge, one that awaits further exploration on future releases.

Yasmin Nur will be playing live in Lincoln, NE on January 31 at the Bay for Death Cow’s Record Release Show. Nur will also be going on tour from March 12-18, performing live throughout Joplin, MO, Omaha, NE, Lincoln, NE, Tulsa, OK, and Fayetteville, AR.

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