Yaehsun ‘Show Me How To Love’

Yaehsun transmutes the ideals of love with a psych-pop haze.

Sometimes you just need a feel good track to melt the regurgitation of current sounds and to put your mind at ease. Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist Jason Haberman, better known under his moniker Yaehsun, does just this on his latest track “Show Me How To Love.” Having been apart of numerous collaborations and touring bands throughout the years, such as Dan Mangan, Zeus, Yukon Blonde, Jason Collett, and The Wooden Sky, Haberman now steps into his own independent light.

On the 4-minute track, Haberman’s sweet vocal embrace walks down memory lane alongside the production. It contains the scratches of an aged film strip, intentionally playing on the lofi haze. Swimming around the “ups and downs” of love, as told by Haberman, the contrasting ideals resurface to breathe a modest notion of not having a true way to love.

The bright, iridescent vocal and guitar chimes bring to mind the psychedelic resurgence we heard years back. Tinted with golden chords, “Show Me How To Love” eventually deconstructs to a chilled instrumental closing that comes as a pleasant surprise. The abstract philosophy is transmuted to the layers of love and is the bout of joy needed during any day.


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