Emclay Appeals the Past on Soulfully Tinged Single ‘Can You Blame Me?’

New York-based singer/songwriter emclay appeals emotions in attempt to justify not moving on with new single "Can You Blame Me?"

There’s an act of defeat we seem to drown in when we can’t move on fast enough. As for emclay, the moniker of New York-based artist Emily Claman, she spends time in her bathwater to not stagnantly sulk, but explore her emotions and actions. Acting as her third single, the artist’s offering follows suit with previous singles and utilizes her vulnerability. With an early listen before the single’s official release date, Friday January 17, “Can You Blame Me?” is simply a ripe invocation — one that follows a contemporary R&B footprint, but more importantly, sets the tone for emclay to find her voice.

What was written in the backseat of a taxi, there’s a natural occurrence of fate which follows the artist — seeing her musical origin being ignited by an unfortunate injury which ended her dance career. A detail of strength that somehow is transmuted in emclay’s songwriting, especially on “Can You Blame Me?”

The track itself is a polished disposition with emclay’s soulfully tinged vocals at the front line. While at first this may seem as a justification of not moving on (“The first night I spent with him I felt you there / I stared at him looking for you”) the layers presented throughout the 3-minute track suggest more. Not simply a question asked to an audience or past lover at hand, but redirected back to emclay. To only answer no, and find herself free from the forced tempo, to a melodiousness final.

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 4.07.21 PM

There’s an anticipated palette to be explored by emclay, noting the admiration of her pop hooks, R&B heart, and vivid lyrics. With an upcoming EP and music video set to be released this spring, emclay is an artist to watch for this year.

“Can You Blame Me?” is out on all streaming platforms Friday, January 17.

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