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New Noise: 2020 R&B Kick-Off

Diving into the latest of R&B, Neo-Soul, and Contemporary acts of the new year.

Diving into the latest of R&B and Contemporary acts of the new year.

Nique Lashae Vulnerable

Nique Lashae, originally from Texas but now resides in Lawton, Oklahoma, shows all her cards on her debut album Vulnerable. Detailing moments around heartbreak and loss, to even moving on the sensual “Want It, Need It,” Lashae treats the 11-track collection as a conceptual narrative, pulling from what could be assumed true moments of rage to acceptance. It swims in a contemporary R&B pool and sees Lashae take on a variety of different voices. It’s silky and slightly raw, but always honest, pulling at times a down-tempo electronic production beneath catchy pop hooks. Suggested tracks: Mistakes, Love Without Pain, My Love Was Real, The Beauty of War, Can I Be (Wedding Song)

Aled Ordu The Sofia Sessions 2

In love, absolutely in love. What is the fourth album from independent artist Aled Ordu, The Sofia Sessions 2 follows his 2016 release and features material from live performances in Sofia, Bulgaria. Ordu has a compelling and rich voice, stylistically and literally, and bounces from a variety of textures: neo-soul, jazz, blues, and contemporary R&B. The 9-track sesh contains tight instrumental breaks, tender moments, and poetic, social commentary stances that are heard on the track “Screamin’ Into the Night.” Ordu is remarkable talent and songwriter who utilizes his passionate perception for gorgeous slices of art. Suggested tracks: all

Luke Glazshero Timeless

London’s Luke Glazshero releases his debut right at the end of 2019 walking into the new year with an ambient and alt-R&B aurora. Coming in at only 8-tracks, the album offers a lot from the young artist who wrote, produced, and arranged the collection. Glazshero writes from a loving stance and primarily utilizes ambient and electronic soundscapes to cultivate the blue colored scales. Electro-soul seems to be a heavy influence from the artist and while some replicate similar sounds, it’s a solid debut. Suggested tracks: Carefree, Blue Night, Restless, Midnight, Sense Memory

Welfair Recreational (Officially releases January 5, 2020)

Los Angeles artist Danielle Espinoza, known as Welfair, invigorates on her latest album Recreational. Opening with “Dots” — released last year and is a hazy, electronic cut that drips with passion — the remaining tracks are of growth; an artist who is self-reliant in their ideals. A dreamier side is shown on the self-titled track and closer “Gold Shoes,” while a more funkier and tongue-in-cheek notion are carried on the rightfully titled, “Propaganda.” The retro-funk production is a great way to kick off the new year and only anticipates future releases from the artist who enamors by the very sound of her voice. Welfair will celebrate her release in Los Angeles at Civic Center Studios Sunday, January 5 for Hello Stranger’s Women to Women event. Tickets here.

Diggs DukeThe Cure

The two-minute delight from Pennsylvania artist, Diggs Duke, fuses jazz with a modern run celebrating music on “The Cure.” Bass, saxophone, and its electronic counterparts cruise with D.D.’s velvet pipes for a classical instrumental hum. Despite it being so short, the minimalism gets the job done and exemplifies the messaging of turning to music: “When I feel low
I turn my life to it.”

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