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Renaissance Woman ‘Just So’ EP

Renaissance Woman delivers a nostalgic 3-track EP that while it is bittersweet, pushes for growth.

Renaissance Woman, the project of mixed media creator Natalie Christensen, delivers a poetic 3-track scribble of a youthful mindset on her latest EP, Just So. The singer-songwriter, originally from Virginia, grapples with moving on and a change of scenery, with an innocent but wounded head. Possessing a heavy musical resume — pianist for 13 years and creating scores for herself and others on ukulele and guitar — Just So is very easy on the ears musically but leaves behind a bittersweet residue.

Wrapped in a rather light but heartbreaking sound, the 3-track EP is a fitting result of a demise of a relationship. What seems to be very biographical, assuming based on the artist’s own move, the adolescent trials are documented. “Trailer Park Kid” is a warm-toned memory filled with sweet plucks and Christensen’s bright vocals. The artist manipulates each vocal run for a playful spin of longing for something “so simple.” While it could do without the backing “remembers?”, the track lingers with a newfound livelihood.

Caravan of Uncertainty” is broader and fuller in production; aided by a billowing drum to compliment the overall EP’s acoustic factors.  Stated as “…the part of a breakup where you feel like the pain will never be over but you know that hopefully one day you can look back and laugh,” the maturity and polish of the track heads the EP.

On the same wavelength as the previous track, “Just So” closes the EP and transitional thought process. Possessing more of an instrumental backbone and switch-ups, the atmospheric peace presented becomes quite beautiful: “This is the part where you come to terms with the fact that everything will never be just right but it is still wonderful and so worth seeking.”

While Renaissance Woman carries an obvious talent, there’s an unraveling of paths heard. Here’s to watching the artist grow in sound and mind — for she already seems to have a strong grip of the pen.

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