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Macha Kiddo ‘Melcocha’ EP

Macha Kiddo returns with a liberating 3-track EP, 'Melcocha.'

Macha Kiddo, the moniker of Costa Rican artist Sofia Madriz, returns with a liberating 3-track EP, Melcocha. Stemming from a cultivation of two influences — one being ‘macha’ of being a blonde, a sexist concept that she wants to redefine and break, and Tarintino’s Beatrice Kiddo from Kill Bill — Macha Kiddo’s delivery and arrangement always carries a purpose.

On her latest EP, the artist delivers a sharp and carefree mindset in a relatively short punch. While hip hop is prevalent on each track there’s a well amount of trap, tropic rhythms, and a creamy dosage of dream-pop that is heard on the closer “Crazy Willa” featuring Lara Leeps. The latter welcomes the EP with an accompanying video that translates the ethereal vibes onto a pastel palette. The Javier Arce production mirrors a serene conclusion as Macha cuts in each verse.

Wrapping things up with a more loving portrayal, one of sexual healing, provides the support for Melcocha’s opening. The melodiousness of “La Fashionista” can be found not only in Arce’s vocals, who softens the hi hat flares, but in Macha’s delivery. The rapper cruises along an askew time scheme, one which she hungrily consumes with her quick wit and still manages to balance a natural resonance. While “Cripi” transitions into a more golden soundscape, borrowing cues from reggaeton and tropical percussion. Featuring Mula, the steady summoning for a dance silently creeps on this track. Melcocha overall delivers a redefinition of roles, swims through love, and dances fiercely with pride that is executed with ease by Macha Kiddo.

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