Lyves ‘Deep Water’

Lyves gazes from the present moment with a poetic abstraction on her latest single "Deep Water."

Lyves (Francesca Bergami) gazes from the present moment with a poetic abstraction on her latest single “Deep Water.” The singer-songwriter’s fourth single justly ties up the year with an inescapable fate that diffuses it’s lengthy run. What follows Lyves 2017 EP, Like Water, which saw the artist joining Coldplay on fifteen dates of their A Head Full of Dreams tour, Lyves’ tender narration continues for the stories that are embedded in each fold of our lives.

“Deep Water” penetrates with its lyrical composure, aged hurt, and warm toned acoustic. Lyves’ organic vocals and words are the focus for five minutes. Not built with a chorus, only the gentle, repetitive croon of “deep water,” the rumination of Lyves begins to take shape. The sincerity that is penned from verse to verse sit at different stages of reflection. Initially, colder lines bruise the steel strings: “We build our rockets, fly to the moon / but I don’t even know how to say I love you.” The artist trails from herself, to asking for help from up above, to wisdom received from a phone call with her mother.

As Lyves’ narration exposes more of what she drowns in, the track slowly develops a louder caress, by use of keys and classical strings, en route to acceptance. Her own “bitter-sweet truth” is met with sharp lines right to its end — a firm plea that acknowledges she will keep moving — “help me better understand the woman I am.”

It’s a fluid track, as its name suggests, which takes many shapes upon each listen. Despite a listener’s own subjective point, “Deep Water” manages to intertwine the precise breakthrough of the artist with a personal map of the listener. Documenting an honest truth that we all bleed, “Deep Water” flourishes with its unbiased burn, such as time.

Lyves small tour in support of her 8 Rooms project — a safe space for full and free expression, with eight short stories told through the medium of film about the real emotions people may be feeling, or what they may be going through — continues in Glasgow at Poetry Club and will be wrapped up December 5 in Leeds.

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