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Big Fox ‘All I’m Trying’

Big Fox returns six years after he last album with a pensive ballad "All I'm Trying."

Big Fox, which holds the persona of Sweden-based artist Charlotta Perers, returns six years after her last album, Now, with a pensive ballad that accounts for the time in between. “All I’m Trying” and its gentle nature read like an open-letter in order to tie up loose ends. The artist’s lo-fi and estranged delicacy is as beautiful as the bitter-sweet time which led near its creation.

Taken off Perers’ upcoming full-length, See How the Lights Fall, the fourth single breathes as a confessional diary entry. The album, due March 20, 2020 was derailed from its 2018 release date due to the distressing fact of Perers being diagnosed with lymphoma. “It all happened very quickly and it was almost like entering a parallel world with a different time scale, rules and priorities,” explains the artist. Within time, Perers became better and is now “slowly reclaiming my life back,” ultimately adding a new meaning to the album.

“All I’m Trying” comes cloaked in multiple meanings, one alluding to the newfound reclamation by the artist. The brooding introspection of the acoustic redefines the notion of biting your tongue on the simplest of words. Here in the minimally written truth we find the most compelling aspect of the track: “All that I’m trying to say is that I just love you/ You’ve taught me more than I ever could dream of, it’s true.” Perers’ compassionate vocals suspend time for the duration of the track all while peeling back a proud veneer, exposing tender parts of her human.

“Some songs are hard to write about. They just move like a slow train, as if they had no intention of causing any big fuss or drama,” explains the artist on the difficulty writing the track. “But they are sincere, honest. Every word is carefully selected, every synthesizer questioned. And the more time you spend with them, the more you start loving them. That’s how I feel about ‘All I’m Trying.'”

Cover photo: Anna Brånhede

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