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Alex Jayne ‘Messy’

London-based artist Alex Jayne shares her latest darkwave single "Messy."

London-based artist Alex Jayne returns with her latest darkwave single “Messy.” Following up singles “Search Party” and “24 Fears,” Jayne’s demeanor on “Messy” tends to the bleaker sheen within a dynamic electronic production. The artist romanticizes the thought of not having a tight grip and gets lost in hazy soundscape.

“‘Messy’ is about losing control,” Alex explains. “Being connected to something that’s changing and not knowing whether you should be scared of it, or go with it… it’s strange and addictive.” Contemplating this out of body experience, Jayne’s thick vocals dance around the hook, “You’re the chance I took and it’s getting messy.” The dark, dream-pop is subdued in something that was passed down before, though not clear by narration, aids in the mysterious charm of the track.

Ultimately, the undertone that swims from the all the waves this song pulls from, including new wave, stops at a liberating dance lead. One that momentarily finds a listener as the narrator gets lost in the smoke of it all. Jayne’s alluring presentation creates pensive thoughts for a clean and dimensional fixation.

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