Ivy Queen’s ‘Cancelled’ Set Causes Concern at Tropicália and Fans Want an Apology From Festival

Ivy Queen's no appearance Saturday night wasn't addressed until fans became angry.

La Reina del reggaetón, Ivy Queen, was set to close the Toyota stage Saturday night at the third annual Tropicália Festival. The event, which was originally set to be at Pico Rivera and then moved to the Pomona Fairplex, held a variety of Latin acts that crossed over generation to generation including Ivy Queen. For those who were waiting in the pit all day, it came as a heartbreaking surprise when Mr. Capone-E took Ivy Queen’s slot at  10:20 p.m.

Many fans assumed it was an extra opener until the set continued. When promoted surrounding security guards, talks of “the other artist cancelled last minute” circled. With those who had access to the official Tropicália application, by 6 p.m. they were alerted that due to “scheduling conflicts Ivy Queen will no longer be playing Tropicália , Mr. Capone-E will now play the Toyota Stage at 10:20 p.m.”

Photo: Twitter (@ImDanImDanImDan)

With no official statement, many fans were left concerned and angry at the artist. Josephina (@chepinaa__) were one of those fans who were angry and wanted an answer. Commenting on the artist’s Instagram, Josephina left a comment inquiring “SOOOOO WHERE IS YOUR SORRY FOR NOT GOING TO TROPICALIA!” The artist herself reached out and shared a different story with Josephina, who has now made the conversation public.

“Anyone who attended Tropicalia on Saturday Nov9th was told Ivy Queen cancelled last minute but in reality Tropicália Music & Taco Fest knew she wasn’t going to be there. According to Ivy Queen they were very unprofessional. Don’t get me wrong I had a blast at Tropicalia & I’m pretty sure we all just want want an apology from Tropicalia. Tropicalia hasn’t even reached out to the public to apologize for the inconvenience. Out of everyone in the music industry they had to chose Mr. Capone-E. I made a comment on Ivy Queens Instagram saying “SOOOOO WHERE IS YOUR SORRY FOR NOT GOING TO TROPICALIA!” & she then reached out to me thru Instagram DM. A lot of people were waiting for her to come out on stage & when she didn’t show up a lot of people were down talking her calling her a “B***” , saying “Fuck That B****” & etc. That was probably the only thing that was disappointing. If people can share this just to show the fans that were disappointed in her that it wasn’t her fault, although they put the blame on her.”

Ivy Queen has also commented on Josephina’s post stating: “I do Care for my fans, my people y mi gente de Los Ángeles. Im [sic] a ride or die Queen. Now its time for Tropicalia to clean my name ASAP.”

With constant public interactions on the festival’s Instagram page between fans and the artist, many are now demanding that the festival apology for the treatment of the artist.

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