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The Districts Share the Dimensional Realization of ‘Hey Jo’ Ahead of New Album

The Districts return with a wistful look at time on "Hey Jo" ahead of their fourth full-length.

The Districts have been the soundtrack to many emotions and coming-to-age revelations through their indie and garage rock cuts. Of all the traits, angst seemed to always connect a listener, reflecting back on their most recognizable collection, A Flourish and a Spoil, where other previous EP’s and albums took on a more raw, and carefree tone.

Transitioning and picking up the pieces to what seems as a human finally understanding more of themselves and all the sides they carry, The Districts’ latest single “Hey Jo” is a dimensional realization. Rob Grote, Pat Cassidy, Connor Jacobus, and Braden Lawrence don’t take a stab in the dark with their arranged soundscape, but rather step into the light. “Hey Jo” comes as a sprite surprise with its lyricism and wistful charm.

“Hey Jo, how’s Los Angeles? / have you seen any stars? does the sunshine get old?” channels the reflective wanderlust in its early stages. Relatively bright and dreamy, there’s a carved enlightenment that breathes heavy on the underlying acoustic, leaving the feedback from chord transitions as a haunting reminder. It’s a culmination of everything the band has thus stood for while isolating an innocent part of yourself that might have been forgotten.

“This song is about relationships unfurling amidst the dysphoria of the modern world,” says frontman Grote. “We are all imperfect products of the natural world, and more specifically products of our own minds. This song was inspired by navigating how to be your best self and detach from what is destructive in you, to be something more perfect, gentle, and beautiful.”

Photo: Shervin Lainez

The track’s break retreats to past conversations and mirrors static noise being digested. Acting as the first single from their upcoming fourth full-length, You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere, due March 13, 2020 via Fat Possum, the first single is a strong look at the introspection that wrote the album. Facing personal and professional tribulations, time away to rethinking it all lead to the reassurance of You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere.

“This album was written as an escape and as reassurance. I was falling in love with someone new and trying to juggle this desperate desire to escape with the need to show up in my life. It’s pretty damn hard to be present and completely checked out all at once,” Grote explains. “It felt like much of my world had reached such a pitch that all I could do was try to tune it out. I felt really uncertain about the future of the band and super detached from much of what I used to identify with, on a personal level and with our music. I was thinking, ‘Do I want to keep doing music?’ ‘Do I want to keep doing it in this context?'”

The Districts will head out on a North American headline tour in support of the album early next year and tickets can be found here.

You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere track list:
1. My Only Ghost
2. Hey Jo
3. Cheap Regrets
4. Velour and Velcro
5. Changing
6. Descend
7. The Clouds
8. Dancer
9. Sidecar
10. And The Horses All Go Swimming
11. 4th of July

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