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Danny Zee Shares Neo-Soul Slow Burner, ‘Blue Butterfly’

Danny Zee shares his neo-soul slow burner, "Blue Butterfly" ahead of debut album slated for an early release in 2020.

If you have ever loved, there’s a chance you have longed. And to add truth to the somewhat hated expression “you can only write what you know,” Danny Zee’s contemporary ballad “Blue Butterfly” touches the wings of a lost love. Originally beginning his career in Pakistan (model, actor, writer, producer) under his birth name Danyal Zafar, and now based in Los Angeles, the artist adds singer-songwriter to his growing resume.

The neo-soul track holds truth after a break from discomfort and is an easy, slow burner. Melting along a blues-led guitar, the slight distortion pulls you into Zafar’s vocals which follows a water fall vocal styling. The rhythmic vocal runs dramatize the first verse and wraps up an inevitable isolation.

“‘Blue butterfly’ was an emoji-symbol of love in my last relationship. It was that one emoji she would send to me to let me know everything will be alright, and vice versa. It became our ‘I love you’, ‘I miss you’, ‘I’m here for you’,” explains Zafar.

“It was OUR thing. We would always say to each other, ‘you’re my blue butterfly’, which is why I included it as the exact lyric in the song. But as a butterfly is meant to fly out of its cocoon, so did we. And we are no more together, and hence, the longing and yearning for her gave birth to this track.”

Zafar then begins to reflect from a past relationship and becomes thick with nostalgia upon lines, “I can’t get over you.” As the track grows, the guitar begins to speak from now a jaded love and transitions into a hearty second half, pulling from a John Mayer solo. The last remains of Zafar’s voice close out the track and fittingly take on a delicate cloak of acceptance only to be washed by a classical instrumentation.

“Blue Butterfly” is a strong introduction for Zafar and highlights not only his vocal range and frankness, but his potent arrangement that exudes a meticulousness and sensitive way of writing. 

The single is the title track taken off his upcoming debut album, Blue Butterfly, set for release on January 2020.


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