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Russian Baths Seek Completion on Noise Rock Chiller ‘Responder’

Russian Baths return with a noise rock chiller "Responder."

Russian Baths’ equilibrium is found between destructive noise rock, new wave Goths, and distressing shoegaze that calls upon the independent attitude of the early punk rock scene from the East Coast — which makes sense considering their Brooklyn roots. Jess Rees (guitar, vocals) and Luke Koz (guitar, vocals) handle each half of their sound with care that a new breed of melancholy, synth-ambients are recruited.

The noise-rock duo follow-up “Parasite” with a shift in their delivery but a signature dark taste that is highly anticipated on their forthcoming debut album, Deepfake. And whereas “Parasite” and its aggressiveness was found in speed to the fits of rage, “Responder” manipulates with an emotive linger that is chillingly combative. 

Clocking in at exactly 3:33, “Responder” acts as two separate songs bound by a seamless epiphany. The idle lull fading out “it’s done” haunts the rock soaked build for a beautiful, zen-tinged composition. The track’s peak is thrown upfront as the introduction and treks along scuzz lines before falling into an atmospheric pool of calming harmony. Shoegazed guitars lay upon each other you can almost see the aurora of sound supplementing the transitional scenes to a cinematic thriller. 

Deepfake is out November 8 via Good Eye Records.

Cover photo: A.F. Cortes

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