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Fea Showcases the Toxicity of Social Media and Narcissisim on ‘Let Me Down’

San Antonio-based band Fea return with a driving new single "Let Me Down" and touches on the toxicity of social media.

Birthed from the Riot Grrrl movement, San Antonio-based band, Fea, return with a driving new single “Let Me Down” ahead of their sophomore album, No Novelties due November 15 via Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records. Creatively comprised of a slew of talent — Girl In A Coma’s Phanie Diaz and Jenn Alva, Letty Martinez, and Sofi Lopez — the ensemble’s latest cut comes readily to dismantle social media by bringing to the light toxicity that pollutes our society.

Leading with the track’s harmonious hook, “Let Me Down” parades the commentary through a tongue-in-cheek tone that lightens the jabs to come. Centered around a deep bass, the direct lines and messaging become the focal point of the track. “This is the generation of narcissist and self-absorption,” hits hard by the second verse, touching on the idolization by little girls for those with “lip injections,” and our validation by the number of likes we receive via a “selfie.” Reiterated with drums that are at a constant high and a flurry of power chords, there’s a natural and simple construction that makes way for conscious storytelling.

The track continues to speak on the social shift that leads so many towards a depressive state, (“insecurities disguised as confident and egotism”). The obsession of what is on screen and by the newer slated celebrities dubbed as “influencers” becomes apparent on the track and Fea’s discussion becomes something more than a feminist movement, but of a human issue.

“This song speaks about today’s society and the obsession with fame, praise, self promotion, and sex,” explains Martinez. “Social media is a great platform to send a message and keep in touch. Yet, most of the time it’s used to put yourself on display for a quick ego boost. It’s addicting to most and I believe detrimental to mental health and self esteem.”

While we all indulge in the way of life that now comes with the introduction of social media, the balance and mantra of “not letting ourselves down” are needed reminders chanted by Fea, and one of many social issues to be discussed on the upcoming bi-lingual album, produced by Alice Bag.

Cover photo: Jaime Monzon

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