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Birthday Girl Glides From a Gut Punch Ache on ‘In My Stomach’

Birthday Girl translate ache with their noisy cut "In My Stomach."

Birthday Girl‘s dark caress have been an irresistible melding of charisma and sound throughout their short musical existence, it seemed impossible for a band to keep nailing their releases. Alas, here we are.

Following-up their lustful and animalistic post-punk cut, “I Came Here to Eat” the Stockholm-based band returns with the noisy realization, “In My Stomach,” which lands on the other side of the spectrum in relation to their previous releases. Somewhere in feeling like a complete fool and accepting the turmoil that comes from the claws of time, “In My Stomach” translates ache in a foreboding yet blissful chime.

Distorted and weary thoughts are at the helm of the track, and despite this ache there’s a strict act of control that confines the chaotic scuzz. Hitting the ground running with vocals that dawdle freely to a mellifluousness tone, the opening threads are hypnotic, staying at a constant tempo for the heaviness to engulf the waves.

Photo: Rhys Westerlund

“Any kind of mental or emotional disruption in my life, positive or negative, manifests itself in my stomach,” explains Fran Baxter. “Our last single ‘I Came Here To Eat’ covers the more positive aspects in the thrill of the chase, but ‘In My Stomach’ is the opposite, more like ‘I Came Here To Vomit.’ The tune refers to a specific situation for me but anyone can relate to the feeling you get when you realise you’ve been had by someone, like a right donkey that just ate a plastic carrot.”

And with this inexplicable choke, hesitation, and physical ailment that is stirred by emotional disruption, the visual translation is just as stirring. Shot in a very contrasting, monochromatic scheme, the band is featured diving head first into murky waters. Fit to lines of “drowning” with the band’s silhouette in sight from below, the video develops a haunting smoke that is perfected through its minimalism.

The balance of clarity and dark suppression is of an honest scab being picked at with distortion and noise rock, eloquently delivered by Birthday Girl with more to come by 2020.

“In My Stomach” is due out October 4th everywhere via Sweet Cream Records.

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