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Monsune ‘Outta My Mind’

Monsune's "Outta My Mind" is a breathtaking long shot that captures infatuation, pride, and love.

Monsune, the musical endeavor of Toronto’s Scott Zhang, is an artist that contains a myriad of talents all wrapped in one entity. “Outta My Mind” can easily detest to these talents and beautifully captures a story that people will know all too well. One of infatuation, frustration, and pride. Executed primarily as a continuous long shot, which was also directed by the artist, Monsune’s “Outta My Mind,” is a breathtaking staple in the artist’s discography. Regardless of the video’s original release date, preceding Monsune’s newest EP, Tradition, which was released September 20, the video’s adoring concept is of one that doesn’t expire.

Featuring the talents of Iris Kim and Hazel Ki as the waitresses, Brian Luong as the video’s antagonist, and Emma Cheuk, Brian Han, Quinton Sung rounding up the table alongside Zhang, the scene at Toronto’s Lula Lounge is a precise as its movements.


The opening credits scene captures the expansiveness of the venue and the love between characters. Within a short moment, due to direction and acting, Kim’s wandering mind pulls at the heart as she is waiting a table. The first half of the video and its one shot breathes a longing attitude, one which comes alive thanks to the cinematic styling. As the video nears its end and walks around what may be a reoccurring dream, the beauty that is shown circles back to the track’s core of mentally immersed in love.

Though no dialogue can be heard, the body language, tense camera pans, and inevitable fighting falls in line with ease to the throes of love Monsune croons about sweetly. The slow burning R&B beats slyly grooves as its opens upon a funk soundscape and fits to the track’s infectious falsetto and hook. Contemporary, sensual, and filled with soul, Monsune cuts the track and video with vitality and detail — one which is consistently heard from the artist.

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