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Sandy Hsu ‘Woman’

Sandy Hsu conjures up a self-loving mediation on her a cappella sonic dream, "Woman."

The moment a person finds self-love and appreciation will differ from person to person. For Melbourne-based artist Sandy Hsu, that tranquil moment, better yet, the realization, comes to fruition on her latest track “Woman,” the final single from her upcoming EP, She Comes To Me In A Fever Dream due out September 26 via Healthy Tapes. The ambient meditation lingers and cleanses the mind almost instantly with no self-condemnation residual that at times sheds from growth. Not to say that there couldn’t be any, but for the four minutes Hsu takes lead all thoughts come to a halt.

Coming in on the wings of a cherub, the track’s a cappella simplicity hones in on Hsu’s messaging, affirming her own beauty and control. The fluidity of a woman, in this instance, captivates the otherworldly elements as well as the uncomplicated strength being transmitted. With very few lines, Hsu transmutes a singular love: “My woman understands me, a love that makes you weep.” It sits well next to previous singles such as “Angel Energy” and “Limbo” but isolates the delicacy of a human thanks to Hsu’s layered vocals.

“The inspiration behind this track was ‘movement,'” explains Hsu. “I wanted to create a piece that would undulate around the listeners head. To me, the voice is the most powerful instrument. I didn’t want to overcomplicate things, so it is a cappella. There is beauty in simplicity. I find harmonies and natural overtones that arise from group singing really pure and beautiful.”

Cover photo: Danielle Zhang

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