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YIP YOPS Return with Shimmering Candor on ‘Sinner’

YIP YOPS return with a shimmering shade of electronica, and as a duo, on "Sinner."

When “She” first crept onto the scene, it was the bombastic synth-dance cut that catapulted YIP YOPS’ name to a larger pool. The Coachella natives’ darker undertones and new wave aesthetics were always a staple throughout their early singles, and despite their brief time actively creating music, their balance between electronica and aged post-rock spoke to each members’ vigor.

Returning with their new single, “Sinner,” and half of its members, frontman and multi-instrumentalist Ison Van Winkle and drummer Ross Murakami trek into a new phase as a duo. On their offering, there’s a direct portrayal of honesty drenched in computerized distortion and an intangible soundscape.

It shimmers and misleads, almost translucence with rustic chimes ringing at first to the likes of church bells. Van Winkle’s deep and airy tone carries the fresh demeanor of the track, while Murakami’s drumming keeps each layer grounded. The two and their respective execution of sounds mirror the philosophy of the track — everyone is a sinner but not all are bad — and comes across as perfect reintroduction for YIP YOPS.

YIP YOPS will be heading to The Satellite, Los Angeles, with Talk Time and DYLLAN September 23 and will then support KONGOS during their ‘1929 Part 2’ U.S. tour from October 1-17; Garden Grove, CA for Nothing Fest Halloween, October 19 and Seattle, WA at Freakout Festival, November 16.

Cover photo: Courtesy of the artist

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