Dr. Martens Presents New Music and Film Series: Filmmakers Share L.A. and NYC Musicians’ Stories with Exclusive Events to Launch

Los Angeles and New York City music artists join innovative filmmakers for new music and film series presented by Dr. Martens. Exclusive events in Los Angeles and New York to launch fall 2019.

Trusted footwear for all punks, Dr. Martens announces their first-ever Music and Film Series which will highlight stories not often told, all while celebrating musicians in the L.A. and NYC music scenes. Through the lens of rare concert events and mini docs around these handful of artists, viewers will peek through the struggles and determination that feeds each artist’s pursuit.


Specifically for the series, L.A.-based filmmaker Erik Rojas and NYC-based filmmaker Vincent Martell have curated a lineup of 11 musicians to share their stories. Confirmed music artists for the Dr. Martens Presents: Music & Film Series include Samia, Junglepussy, PJ, De’Wayne Jackson, L.A. Witch, The Paranoyds, SadGirl, OSHUN, Combo Chimbita, Phony Ppl and Death Valley Girls.

Each L.A. and NYC concert event as well as the short documentary films created will provide an intimate look at the daily lives of working musicians and share a unique point of view as told by our filmmakers who have their own stories of resilience to tell.

“Dr. Martens Presents gives us an opportunity to continue to foster our deep connection to music by hosting shows in unique venues with musicians who use their art as an avenue for self-expression,” explains Kevin Diehl, Vice President, U.S. Marketing, Dr. Martens. “Working with two great filmmakers on our Music & Film Series will highlight these stories of resilience and give our enthusiasts an inside look.”

“As a filmmaker, I pride myself on being incredibly intentional when partnering with brands which has allowed me to keep my creative voice intact,” says NYC-based filmmaker, Vincent Martell, Founder, VAM STUDIO. “Dr. Martens has allowed me to authentically portray the New York that I love. I’m excited to film some of the most unapologetic POC and queer artists in the city.”

“I’m thrilled to be partnering with Dr. Martens to tell the vibrant and resilient stories about these artists in Los Angeles, as well as my own,” adds L.A. based filmmaker, Erik Rojas. “As a brand, they’ve helped shape creative culture and have always kept authenticity paramount.”


The Dr. Martens Music & Film Series is part of a larger campaign that will be announced later along with all NYC and L.A. concerts.

Cover photo: Combo Chimbita


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