Abrina Reinvents Classic Cut with Latin-Trap Single ‘Suavecita’

Abrina reinvents Malo's '70s cut and brings Latin-trap and confidence to "Suavecita."

There’s a few classics that shouldn’t be touched, and Malo’s “Suavecito” always sat on the list. Yet, Abrina’s take on the ’70s cut isn’t looked as a cover, but a standalone identity with roots that run deep. The San Diego native and Los Angeles transplant morphs the soulful cut by Malo with a modern splash of Latin-trap on her latest single “Suavecita.”

“Suavecita” instills the timeless magic of Malo’s croon and gracious flow while bridging the past to present. Very few reinvented tracks are able to stir an aged emotion so naturally, and Abrina’s homage fused with her own perspective allows another generation to feel the carefree essence.

“I grew up in a Mexican household, so ‘Suavecito’ by Malo was definitely a family favorite. Since I heard it so often, I wasn’t too fazed when it would start playing. But when I was in Italy, I heard it again and everyone immediately turned it up and started singing every word. That’s when I knew I had to put my own spin on it,” explains Abrina.

Keeping intact the original guitar progression for the hook, “Suavecita” grows by Abrina’s assertive, and at times, breezy vocal lead. Tropical percussion slices each verse and warms the production, while Abrina’s confident flow embodies the So.Cal state of mind. Lyrically, Abrina takes a successful boast to reiterate not living paycheck to paycheck anymore while swimming peacefully in her own lane, effortlessly assuring her smooth charisma and inspiring more suavecitas.

Cover photo: @jvue_imagery

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