Tiera Beverly Unselfishly is Selfish on R&B Burner, ‘Can’t Talk’

Tiera Beverly's latest R&B burner, "Can't Talk," asserts at times it's unselfish to be selfish.

Self-discipline is self-love. Tiera Beverly not only emits this sentiment, but highlights another philosophy that it is unselfish to be selfish at times. The Bay area native and now Los Angeles-based artist nods to the ’90s groups where “girl power” took reign to cultivate a silky, smooth assertion on the R&B burner, “Can’t Talk.” Inspired by the “instant gratification,” which social media has turned as the norm, Beverly’s leisurely confidence silences insecurities.

Beverly burns the first few seconds with angelic vocal runs, dreamy keys, and an unhurried build. “Please, please don’t call my phone,” insists Beverly from the start as the neo-soul production seeps towards the first minute. Beverly’s tone carries a vast amount of power in its ethereal state, layered for an euphoric wave of controlled solitude. Melodic guitars and tight, drum punches give “Can’t Talk” the added support which allows Beverly’s vocals to run wild near the end. Reiterating where she stands with the line, “I know you wanna call me all the time, but baby I got shit to do,” the track is a drink of self-reflecting luxury.

The equally dreamy and soft visual continues the nod towards the greats of the ’90s and features Beverly alone and comfortable. Shot, directed, and edited by Kimijuana and shot at The Urban Jungle Studio in Los Angeles, the simplicity of the video plays into the self-care of disconnecting. Pastel walls reflect the neon “Saturday Night Fever” sign and alludes to the decision to be alone. Beverly naturally pens from past relationships and curates light motivation that begs for continuous replays. “I guess it kind of empowered me in a way. I hope that people in similar situations can find some kind of empowerment in my song as well.”

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