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Fawning Mend and Break Hearts on Dream-Goth Single ‘Too Late’

Fawning mend and break hearts on their title track from their upcoming EP, 'Too Late,' due September 20.

“Goth, dream-pop duo” seems like a true manifestation of a withered soul who has a nice smile and is a total romantic. Alas, it’s not just a thought but a real life entity from the Bay area dubbed Fawning. Comprised of Cheyenne Avant and Devin Nunes, the duo’s eerie and yet inviting charm hails to darker taste buds. Set to release their debut EP, Too Late, September 20 on NeverNotGoth, a new subsidiary from Graveface Records, the dream-goths share their title track and mend and break hearts with ease.

The haunting whisper by Avant induces listeners to a tranquil slumber after a string of nightmares; comforting and slightly not trusting. They are cut from porcelain and strikingly beautiful, set above a stern drum-machine, whimsical guitar strums and an equally misleading, deep bass riff.

Coming in at four minutes, “Too Late” doesn’t drag and delicately delivers an undertone of romanticism. Avant’s vocals and moody execution is the track’s true enchantment, cleverly insisting that there’s more to be said but overall is too late.

On the track, the duo shared with Post-Punk Magazine that “Too Late” was the first song they finished together, which could echo the lingering sentiments heard. “The lyrics are mostly about being so invested and in love in a relationship, that the other person could really do nothing wrong and even if they did, you wouldn’t be able to leave,” continues Fawning. “But it also just words because they sounded good.”

Fawning’s EP, Too Late, is available for pre-order here and is due September 20.

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