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Azam Ali and Jeff Rona at The Teragram [Photo Gallery]

Azam Ali and Jeff Rona blessed The Teragram and Sketched Sounds caught up with Ali moments before the show.

Opening the night was Jeff Rona, an electronic composer whose two accompanying musicians — one guitarist and another modified cellist — filled the space between the crowd with warm atmosphere. The pieces stemmed from sampling life itself, with Jeff explaining one in particular drawn from sounds of the Amazon. A poignant piece given the current state of said forest. Will any of us travel into the jungle before our final rotation? Maybe not, but the composition worked to remind, and inspire, those who find connection with nature.

Azam Ali (photo: Justin Bieggar)

Azam Ali truly picked up where Jeff Rona left off, first opting to cleans our pallets with renewed ethereality. This is her tour for Phantoms, her latest record diverging from a more traditional style. Azam grew up in the 80’s during post-punk’s brief but potent tenure, leading to deep inspiration for the record itself. In the past, she found parallels in music and lyrical tone that strengthened connections between sounds often found worlds apart. Phantoms of her past reemerging to speak an uneasy but relatable peace.

Listen to the interview with Azam Ali on Sketched Sounds. Full gallery below by Justin Bieggar.

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