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Carmody Shares Soulful Mourn on ‘Being Without You’

Carmody shares her second single from her upcoming sophomore EP, 'Catching Blue.'

London’s Carmody is an artist that continues to enthrall upon each release. Following up “Dreamweaver,” the second single sinks into one of the lowest shade of blue heard thus far from the artist. “Being Without You” comes from her anticipated sophomore EP, fittingly titled Catching Blue, and is a well-balanced act of Carmody’s folk style writing and soulful electronica.

Fading in, the opening electronic layers are muted sorrow. Gentle vocal pockets open to the silk of Carmody’s vocals before bluntly closing again beneath peaks of an electric guitar. The track’s build comes natural primarily due to the lyricism’s meditative state (“they said that love becomes grief when you lose the one that made your air sweet”). And there we are welcomed to an element of something more than melancholy, on the contrary, a feat of love that can only be accomplished through loss which sings divinely throughout the three minute exposition.

“I read that grief is what love becomes when someone dies,” says Carmody. “It really got me thinking about death — how words feel completely inadequate when you try to comfort someone and how after a while, there is an idea that you should move on. In my music people are often saying to me to write something happier; and although I have done, I’m just more comfortable writing in my ‘blue’ territory. This song is kind of my resistance.”

In the frame of mind in which Carmody pens, reflects, and curates, continues to be a respectively different outlook of common human emotions, which in fact unveils the road to a “happy song.” As the first two singles have shown their timelessness, well in Carmody’s blue territory, the following EP which follows a conceptual suit is sure to be a catalyst for a different phase from the songwriter.


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