Akurei Radiates Emotive Expression with New Single ‘Hollow’

Australian artist Akurei gives a glimpse of the graceful sounds to come from his second EP, 'September' on the sincerely contemplative single, "Hollow."

Opening with captivating melodies and the subtle lead of a soft guitar, Australian artist Akurei gives a glimpse of the graceful sounds to come from his second EP September. A sincerely contemplative single, “Hollow” delivers some of Akurei’s most vulnerable work. Reproduced in the textures of the composition, “Hollow” focuses on isolated vocals and the minimalistic nature of instrumentation. This striking balance enthralls listeners to relate to Akurei’s honest and yearning track laying a foundation for designing intimate soundscapes. As the artist shares,

“Hollow is the last of the collection of songs I wrote abroad last year. I’d just left Europe and arrived in Bali to meet with some friends to work on a record together. Europe had been a confusing and emotionally intense time, whereas my time in Bali with friends provided a lot of clarity and peace. Lyrically, Hollow is me revisiting and reevaluating the faith I had when I was younger.”

Akurei takes his intuitive disposition into stride, using his nostalgic tendencies to create compositions that are in constant pursuit of the artist’s personal evolvement. As Akurei channels delicate vocals, alluring beats, and hypnotic bass lines, the alluring nature of “Hollow” demonstrates Akurei’s melodic and candid arrangements.

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