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Nobody’s Baby Scream with Juvenile Cries and Surf-Punk on ‘Heartache’

Nobody's Baby follow-up their debut with a surf-punk cut that screams with juvenile cries.

Juvenile cries scratch a surf-rock surface on the latest offering, “Heartache,” from Nobody’s Baby. The Bay Area quartet, comprised of Katie Rose (guitar/vocals), Peter Niven (guitar/vocals), Penelope Leegeten (bass/vocals), and Ryan Perras (drums/vocals), have crafted a niche for themselves in a short amount of time. Dubbing themselves as “death doo-wop” the band falls into a new norm of darkening the shade of happy-go-lucky, beach cuts — which makes sense having performed with Naked Giants, Twin Temple and The Undertones.

“Heartache” follows-up their heavy garage-fused, tender ache “Life of a Thousand Girls” and swings towards a vocal thrust of surf-punk. It’s the type of track that recalls past haunts and forces them onward the gritty reverb that holds electric guitars and heavy drum cracks. Riding on various vocal infliction and runs, the dynamic of tones rev up the already high-spirited attitude.

“’Heartache’ is inspired by equal parts Sam Cooke, Buzzcocks, and Reigning Sound,” explains the band. “A doo-wop-abilly guitar riff weaves around full blast drums and an insistent bass line, while Peter and Katie call and respond screams of teenage heartbreak and love games.”


Feeding around the dismantling thought of what is usually thrown under a wholesome classic, there’s a rawness to the band that raises anticipation for their first EP, due this summer.

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