Ann Marie Shares Sensual and Confidence Glow on ‘My Body’

Ann Marie unveils her glowing and sensual video for "My Body."

Ann Marie’s assurance and natural vocal glow are a few of the reasons why she is an artist to keep close tabs on. The Southside Chicago artist exudes the most liberating rise with ease on her latest video “My Body” which pulls from her debut Interscope album, Pretty Psycho. Directed by Damien Sandoval and set beneath the sun streaks of Miami, the video is a flaunting demand that is well deserved.

Irresistible from the start, the 23-yr old continues to trek along a modern, tropical-trap beat riddled with the making of a summer club anthem. Marie breathes a nostalgic silk from the catalogue of the early 2000s, hailing to the greats such as Aaliyah. Yet, Marie isn’t simply coating herself in the past but simply reinstating the playful aspect of R&B.

While the track speaks of Marie not trying to fall in love even though she can’t help animalistic cravings, her demeanor throughout the video says otherwise. It’s a cool drink of confidence that flows from Marie’s light, sensual, and collective tone.

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