Mannequin Online Make Their Debut on Intoxicating Alt-Pop Cut, ‘So Cool’

Mannequin Online share their intoxicating alt-pop debut.

Bringing a sophisticated and ear pleasing sensation from the vault they’ve been stashed in, Mannequin Online’s introduction to the world is an electronic, lavish sin. Comprised of Zach DeGaetano and Bridget Boltz, the duo aren’t new to the musical realm but have come together for an intoxicating cultivation of alt-pop. On their debut single and video, “So Cool,” the electronic cut dances around the finer things in life and sharpens the duo’s perception of the world in a mocking tone. Ahead of its Friday release, Mannequin Online share their first offering with GUM.

Photo: Meghan Cummings

“’So Cool’ is an envy anthem dripping in sarcasm. Its lyrics and video explore the occasional desire to experience someone else’s more opulent world,” shares the duo on the track. And swimming in this vein, the collective do not disappoint. Sarcasm is prevalent and redirects the plastic focus on “wants” that feed the ego.

The track’s delectable vocal falsetto, which is layered around the dance production, is the most enticing part of “So Cool.” Moments of muted snare hits and leads by a funk bass riff give the track a natural summer shine. Transmuting the energy delivered by the hook for the visual companion, the posh duo confidently strut in each scene armed with a futuristic timestamp. Dishing out relentless lines throughout the video (“you’re so cool and you don’t have time for me”), the ironic jab is seen as the two are left alone; the price-tag of coolness. Mannequin Online’s catchy first offering and balance of ideals is a fresh taste of what is to come from the duo.

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