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Stray Fossa Mesmerize with Indie-Gaze Single, ‘Eyze’

Charlottesville three-piece return with a indie-gaze single of revolving harmonies on "Eyze."

Charlottesville three-piece, Stray Fossa — comprised of brothers Nick and Will Evans, and Zach Blount — have a natural knack for cultivating delectable indie-gaze (not sure if this has been coined, let’s roll with it); the sweet spot of jangly guitars, reverb, wandering minds, wistful hearts, and an instilled D.I.Y. ethic. Surprisingly only a year in, the trio have a pretty tight grip of their sonic direction and have garnered well deserved attention from their various singles.

Immediately injecting their lo-fi and dreamy endeavors upon the opening lines of the track, “Eyze” falls in line with their ethereal touch. Dark bass lines emerge confidently and walk over a simmering punch by the drums. Lead vocals and plucks of the guitar soften “Eyze,” while the fragmented lyrics speak to the track’s ideology of misplaced nature, minimally constructed: “The time I wait, the time I waste / (Under the night of day, the time I waste).”

Framed with vocal assistance by each member, which truly creates a fuller sound, the revolving harmonies are magnetic and charming, more apparent on the break. Subdued by the gentle soundscape, “Eyze” is a strong follow-up from the loving embodiment of “Swells.” The obvious chemistry of the band allows for a carefree arrangement and conception that works in their favor, even more so when sharing tidbits about the track:

“Drummer ran off into his room to arrange vocal harmonies around a bass hook without telling the bassist. Fortunately everyone was happy with the result, and thus ‘Eyze’ was born— a song-thing about the frustration of creating under pressure and the fleeting nature of inspiration that comes and goes before one has the chance to channel it into anything meaningfully productive. The middle bridge was arranged by the guitarist, who fought hard to keep it at a full 32 bars.”

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