Colour Of The Jungle Cut Frustrations While Moving Uphill on ‘Steel Tray’

Colour Of The Jungle's latest single "Steel Tray" charges against the current and cuts a lingering trait of hope on a bed of garage-rock.

Taken from a page of a journal entry of that of a rough day, Colour Of The Jungle’s latest single “Steel Tray” naturally reads as an overdue frustration with a golden undertone to move forward. The Portsmouth 5-piece band — comprised of Jack Evans, Joe Costello, Brendan McVeagh, Dan Fiford, and John Harris — charge towards better days with the vigorous, garage-rock cut and enamor listeners along the way.

“Steel Tray” seems to capture not only the mundane cycle after being asked to spill the contents of one’s day, but follows an isolated frustration when “the word is against you,” led by Evans’ rugged vocals and immersive narrative. The emotional, and still slightly raw pulse curated by the band, implements a hopeful cheer — cue rooting for the underdog. Harris’ punchy bass lines pull from an alt-rock realm, while the bright melodic riffs counter the angst with a hopeful plea by the likes of Costello and McVeagh. Fiford’s drumming grounds the strain of Evans’ tone and propels beautifully by the second half of the track.

Overall charged with glimpses of what is wanted on the other side of Murphey’s Law, “Steel Tray” grabs all your troubles and throws them across the sea. The residual crunch and doctrine of the track screams to keep swimming, especially if it’s upstream, just dump your worries on that steel tray beforehand.

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