The Leanover Acknowledge Heated Lines on Dreamgaze Single, ‘Forward And Back’

Montreal's The Leanover share their second single and explore the after of an argument with a loved one through a dreamgaze production.

A little added heat can lead anyone to spill words that could be regretted. Montreal-based duo, The Leanover — comprised of guitarist/vocalist Ali Overing and bassist/vocalist Lou Seltz — depict a vivid isolation following an argument between loved ones on their latest single, “Forward and Back.” Carried with a graceful disposition and an honest narrative, the push and pull is felt throughout the track’s tempo changes and frosty vocals.

Plunging into the depths of a thick and assertive bass line, the opening lines misdirect. Sidestepped by a gazing guitar and fanciful production, “Forward And Back” plays with a melodic suspense. The track nurtures past wounds from a specific moment and lunges towards a present realm of acknowledgment, which is an ideology to adapt for anyone who seeks to move forward.

According to an interview from The Partae, Overing shares a moment where Murphy’s Law seemed to take over during a road trip and the myriad of emotions that seeped from the incident back in 2015.

The window started leaking rain all over our bed, so we pulled the van into the leeward side of the church, in an illegal parking spot on the street, covered the window with a tarp and went to sleep with an explanatory letter on our dashboard. That night I wanted to abandon the project and the trip altogether. As soon as the storm ended though, we talked everything out and we came to a much better understanding of how to live together so closely while in the face of constant uncertainty and instability. So yeah– the song is super literal.

It doesn’t beg, nor points fingers, and in the same manner, doesn’t attempt to take anything back. Instead, Overing’s vocals replicate the truth and initially leads with a cold hum that beautifully dances to a sweeter tone with pockets of an exasperated sincerity. Gradually sprinting, with meditative moments in between, the track’s dreamgaze fixture is ultimately reassuring.

“Forward And Back” becomes one of those songs you have on repeat that you subjectively don’t intend for it to extract your own quiet thoughts, yet without force, does, and in the end, is the magic of a timeless piece of art.

With two singles out in the world and a forthcoming album set to be released by the end of July, The Leanover’s natural magnetism is a well anticipated trait I look forward in exploring this year.

Cover photo: Marc-Andre Dupaul

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